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The bicycle is a simple solution to some of the worlds most complicated problems.  


*Professional riders on a closed course

Service & Repairs

Our bicycle technicians can repair anything. Bring in your bike for a freequote.
We’ll explain what needs repair, how long it will take and what parts we will use.

Labor Rate


Our time and quality of service are of utmost importance to us, because of this, we will charge you a fair rate for our work.
Below is a list of charges for common services , this is not a comprehensive menu.*

Tire/Tube Replacement : 15

Tubeless Tire Setup: 25

Refresh Sealant : 10

Wheel True : 40

Cable and Housing Install : 30

Chain replacement : 20

Brake Pad Install : 15

Derailleur Adjust/Hanger Straighten : 30

Brake Bleed/per end : 30

Fork Lowers Service : 80

Suspension Linkage Service/per pivot : 40

Drivetrain Deep Clean : 50

Wheel Build : 110

Boxed bike build/tune : 100

Frame up bike build : 300

Boxing a bike for shipping : 75

*Labor charges do not include parts.

Bike Rentals

Electric Hybrid


Electric Mountain Bike


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